Booking Conditions | Villapark La Vallee de La Sainte Baume

Booking Conditions for the Villa Park Residence "La Vallée de la Sainte Baume" including its rental organization "Sainte Baume Gestion Sarl"

Terms and abbreviations:


> Villa Park (Residence) "La Vallée de la Sainte Baume" including its rental organization "Sainte Baume Gestion Sarl, ZAC de la Mouchouane, Nans les Pins, France, hereinafter referred to as VSB;


> To call 'tenant' means a person that terminating an agreement for the use / rental of a property of VSB;


> To call "guests": the tenant and the persons specified by the tenant with the tenant use (going to) make an accommodation of the VSB;


> To call "visitors": persons who VSB visit at the invitation of a guest and who is not currently in an accommodation of the VSB overnight.


> This reservation conditions apply regardless of reservation or other terms and conditions.





The booking conditions:


1. These booking conditions govern bookings by tenants of a villa at VSB for recreational use, which by its nature is of short duration.


2. A tenant must be 18 years or older.


3. A booking is deemed to have come upon receipt of confirmation by the tenant with the payment amount. Tenant shall immediately upon receipt of this confirmation to verify the correctness. Any inaccuracies should immediately notify tenant VSB.


4. If the tenant, after the conclusion of the reservation, wants to make changes in the reservation of any kind whatsoever, VSB is completely free to determine to what extent they will accept the change. To the extent VSB accept a change, can change VSB charges.


5. Payment of the reservation fee must be in accordance with the tenant to comply with the entry specified payment.


6. The rented accommodation may be on the agreed date of arrival, as stated on the reservation from 16.00 pm. On the agreed day of departure, the tenant accommodation at 10.30 having left.


7. Tenant shall be broom clean accommodation to deliver, so no dirty dishes to stand, bed pick up and fold, fridge (s) clean and garbage into the bins outside the VSB to deposit. Insofar as this tenant has defaulted, the cost in order to bring the deposit will be deducted.


8. All guests must adhere to all provisions of the








 Park Rules. This regulation is also at the reception of VSB to obtain. In case of violation of the Park Rules and / or failure to follow instructions of the administrator, the administrator has the right tenant and each of his / her guests of the Villa Park immediately to remove without refund of rent or a part thereof.


9. Each property may only be occupied by the number of persons in the booking has been agreed, ie the guests.


10. All guests are required bed linen (top and bottom sheets and pillowcase) to use. Linen packs are at the reception of VSB for rent. Also, it is mandatory under the existing blankets (flannel) to use.


11. It's guests and visitors are not allowed to have a car or trailer in the existing garages at the villas to post.


12. The guests and visitors is not allowed in a villa, any space whatsoever, to smoke.


13. A pet is only allowed to VSB if the desire to pet with you when the reservation is clearly specified as such and this is stated in the confirmation. Other pets are not allowed.


14. Pets are not allowed visitors.


15. Visitors can only use the common facilities of VSB in the presence of the tenant who has invited them for cash to the administrator of the applicable visitor fee. Tenant shall use the advance notification to the administrator.


16. Per tenant, the number of visitors the number of guests on the rent not surpass.


17. Guests at the villa without a private pool and visitors can only use the private pool that belongs to the accommodation of a tenant against cash payment to the administrator of the applicable visitor fee. Tenant shall use the advance notification to the administrator.


18. Tenant is responsible and liable for an orderly state of affairs within and around the rented accommodation or elsewhere within and around VSB as far as his / her guests and / or visitors is concerned.


19. Tenant during the entire rental period always liable, which liability is without prejudice to other users, for damage by breakage and / or loss and / or property damage associated with inventory, garden, terraces and private swimming pool where applicable. Any damage by the tenant should immediately be reported to the administrator of VSB and the spot to be reimbursed or paid on the basis of the paid deposit.


20. Tenant shall within 48 hours to verify the inventory of the property on right. Missing persons and / or damage to the listed items must forthwith notify the administrator of VSB to be reported. For loss of and / or damage to property within 48 hours after departure of a tenant are identified, this has already departed tenant still liable. If a tenant loss and / or damage not reported within this period, it shall be deemed tenant loss / damage itself to have caused or is liable therefor.


21. VSB requires at the start of the stay of the tenant as a deposit when booking is indicated. If the deposit at the start of the stay is not met, the administrator of VSB entitled the tenant access to and use of the rented accommodation to deny.


22. Repayment of the deposit shall be held within 14 days after departure of the tenant under deduction of any observed damage and / or costs through loss, or by not properly delivered from the accommodation. If desired, tenant to the administrator requesting a breakdown of this breakdown.


23. If a reservation is canceled, cancellation fees, namely:


- Cancellation until the 42th day (exclusive) before the arrival: the deposit;


- Cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) until the 28th day (exclusive) before the arrival: 35% of the fare;


- Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) until the 21th day (exclusive) before the arrival: 40% of the fare;


- Cancellation from the 21th day (inclusive) until the 14th day (exclusive) before the arrival: 50% of the fare;


- Cancellation from the 14th day (inclusive) until the 5th day (exclusive) before the arrival: 75% of the fare;


- Cancellation from the 5th day (inclusive) until the arrival: 90% of the fare;


- Cancellation on the arrival: the full fare.


24. If the tenant within 24 hours after the agreed date of arrival has not arrived without giving reasonably acceptable reasons, this is considered a cancellation.


25. If VSB by force majeure such as fire, strikes, lockouts, war, etc., is unable to meet its obligation to make available to tenants of rented accommodation to meet tenant has the right to refund the already paid portion of the rent without VSB that in this case is bound to compensate any damage. VSB will endeavor to tenant of such a situation as soon as possible to notify.


26. VSB at all times have the right immediately to terminate the lease if it appears that the reservation time data are inaccurate. In such a case there is no refund of rent or a portion thereof.


27. Neither VSB nor the individual owners are responsible for loss, theft, damage or injury caused to visitors of any kind whatsoever, unless there is gross negligence of VSB or its employees. Liability based on gross negligence or tort in any case limited to 75,000 euros for personal accidents per guest per stay and liability for property damage in any case limited to a maximum of 1,500 euros per tenant per stay.


28. In the event that the rented accommodation is a private swimming pool, the tenant personally responsible and accountable for safety in and around that pool.


29. Guests VSB harmless from all claims relating to damage to their property of third parties arising from any act or omission of VSB, its employees, owners of accommodations VSB or third parties who are within VSB.


30. If tenant unexpectedly have a complaint about or the VSB rented accommodation than the lessee must first and direct this complaint to notify the administrator of VSB. Should the complaint not be dealt with to the satisfaction of the tenant, then tenant for this departure administrator written submissions. The management of VSB will in that case the complaint endeavor to be completed within 1 month after departure to settle on a satisfactory tenant. If still no satisfactory solution is reached, the tenant may refer the complaint to the legally competent court. The costs that the tenant makes for such a remedy will not be reimbursed by VSB. VSB makes it against common situation in all claims of its non-legal and court costs.


31. With these booking conditions supersede all previous publications in this regard.


32. In these booking conditions are subject to French law.