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Park Regulations

Welcome to the Résidence ‘La Vallée de la Sainte Baume’ (hereinafter referred to as: the park) in Nans les Pins. For an enjoyable stay at the park, the following rules apply for all persons present:

1. To ensure the safety of everyone, especially small children, the park has a speed limit of 15 km per hour. The Avenue Van Gogh, the access road to the gate of the park, has a speed limit of 30 km per hour, as indicated.

2. Your car should be parked in the private parking space at your villa and not on the road. This leaves an unhindered passage for other cars. It is also possible to park cars in the communal parking lot just in front of the entrance gate of the park.

3. Guests and visitors are not allowed to park a car or trailer in the garages present at the villas.

4. It is not allowed to place (folding) caravans, motorhomes, boats-on-trailers and tents in the park. You can place these outside the gate on the communal parking lot for a maximum of 3 days. It is not permitted to spend the night in a motorhome or caravan in this communal parking lot.

5. Pursuant to the municipal ordinance, it is forbidden to light open fires in the park, but also outside it. The use of a barbecue, other than electric or on gas, is therefore not allowed. The barbecue may only be used on the terrace.

6. Smoking is only allowed outside your villa.

7. The period for quiet hours is from 11.00 PM to 08.00 AM.

8. During your stay, you are expected not to cause any odour or noise nuisance to other guests. Sound from sound sources, such as radios, TVs and digital equipment, must not be audible outside the plot of the villa in question.

9. Dogs of lessees or their guests Article 14 of the booking conditions states that pets of guests are not allowed!! They may only stay in the park if express written permission has been given by the rental organisation Sainte Baume Gestion SARL prior to the start of the rental period. Dogs should be kept on a short leash in the park and walked outside the park. Dogs are not allowed in and on the communal areas, including the communal swimming pool and playground.

10. The opening hours of the reception, the swimming pool, the tennis court and the bar are listed at the reception. Please check out during reception opening hours. If you want to leave at a different time, this needs to be discussed with the managers.

11. Household waste should be disposed of in the waste containers outside the park, on the right after leaving Avenue Van Gogh. Separate the waste as much as possible. There should be no waste visible outside the villa.

12. Lessee must check within 48 hours after arrival whether the present inventory is sufficient (for 6 persons) or free of damage. Missing items and/or damage to the available inventory must be reported immediately to the manager of VSB. The already departed lessee is still liable for missing items and/or damage to items that is detected within 48 hours after departure of a lessee. If a new lessee does not report the loss and/or damage within this period, then this lessee is deemed to have caused this loss/damage or is liable for it.

13. Lessee should take into account that there may be sudden weather conditions such as Mistral. In the event poor weather conditions or in the event of absence, even if it is of short duration, the lessee must store garden furniture safely and, in particular, collapse parasols. In addition, the lessee must close windows and fix shutters. In the event of failure to do so, lessees may be held liable for any damages.

14. The tap water is very hard in the area of the park. Most houses therefore have a water softener, which ensures that the tap water is softer. In spite of this, lime scale builds up very quickly in equipment such as dishwashers, washing machines, kettles and coffee machines over time and gradually deteriorates as a result. We therefore request that you:

  • use only Calgonit tablets for dishwashers.
  • refill the softening salt and/or rinsing agent in the dishwasher in good time. If they are not present in the villa, you can obtain the latter two products free of charge at the reception.

15. It is not allowed to dry laundry on the outside of a villa or in the garden, visible from the public road or from an adjacent villa. Please use the available tumble dryer for this.

16. All guests are required to use the disposable paper covers (pillow and mattress cover) and bed linen (duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillowcase). Bed linen packages can be rented at the reception. It is not permitted to wash the provided bed linen and towel sets in the villa yourself. If necessary, a change can be picked up at the reception for a fee.

17. Before you leave, we request that you:

  • Remove bed linen (duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillowcase) from the beds used, put it in the orange laundry bag and deposit it in the hall.
  • Remove the disposable paper covers (bed and pillow) from the beds used and dispose of them in your own garbage bag.
  • Put rented towels (large and small towel) + bath mats in the orange laundry bag and deposit it in the hall.
  • Please leave the cotton covers!
  • Leave the refrigerator, oven/microwave and dishwasher empty and clean.
  • Leave the countertop without dishes and/or food residues.
  • Dispose of household waste/empty bottles in the appropriate waste containers
  • Insofar as the lessee has failed to do so, the costs of putting things in order will be deducted from the deposit.

18. Rules for the private swimming pools:

  • Upon arrival, you will receive an explanation about the security system of the private pool. From that moment on, you are responsible for its use.
  • We ask you to end the use of the private swimming pool at 10.00 PM. This is mainly to prevent noise nuisance for other guests.
  • Dogs are forbidden in all swimming pools, including the private pool.

19. The rules for the use of the communal swimming pool and tennis court are set out in Annexes 1 and 2 and are also indicated on site.



20. Rules for the use of the air conditioners:

  • The air conditioning serves exclusively for the cooling/heating of the bedroom in which it is placed.
  • Therefore, keep the doors closed so that no energy is unnecessarily lost.
  • Above a fixed weekly consumption, an additional charge will be calculated at the applicable cost price

21. Complaints and suggestions: Lessee must report any complaints to the manager on the spot and as soon as possible. You also have to report this in writing to your travel agency or tour operator. As a lessee, you can mention any suggestions on the survey form provided for this purpose.

22. In all cases not provided for in these park regulations or about which a dispute arises, the manager is entitled, after consulting the management of the Copropriété La Vallée de la Sainte Baume or the management of the Sainte Baume Gestion SARL rental organisation, to take decisions that are binding for lessees and visitors.


The management of the rental organisation Copropriété La Vallée de la Sainte Baume and the management of Sainte Baume Gestion S.a.r.l.



Annex 1 (ad 19)

 Rules for the communal swimming pool 

  1. The pool is unattended. Its use is everyone's own responsibility.
  2. The swimming pool is open daily from 8.30 AM to 8.00 PM.
  3. Swimming is only allowed in swimwear.
  4. You are not allowed to run on the grounds of the swimming pool.
  5. It is mandatory to shower before using the pool, please do not use soap or shampoo.
  6. Children aged 8 years or younger may only use the swimming pool under the supervision of an adult.
  7. The use of inflatable boats, animals and air mattresses in the swimming pool is not permitted.
  8. The use of towels from the towel package is not permitted on the grounds of the swimming pool.
  9. For safety reasons, the use of glassware in and around the swimming pool is not permitted.
  10. Diving and so-called “bombs” are not allowed.
  11. Sun loungers cannot be reserved and may not be placed outside the terrace around the swimming pool.
  12. When leaving the pool, the user is expected to take his/her belongings with him/her and not to leave any rubbish behind, other than in the bins provided for this purpose.
  13. Dogs are not allowed in the swimming pool area.
  14. In situations not provided for in these rules, the manager decides. The instructions of the manager must be followed immediately.




Annex 2 (ad 19)

Rules for the use of the tennis court

  1. Opening hours: 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM
  2. Tennis rackets can be rented at the reception for a fee of € 2 per playing time of 45 minutes, balls are for sale per set of 4 at a price of € 10.
  3. The desired playing time can be reserved 1 day in advance on the timetable board outside at the reception. A maximum of 45 minutes of playing time can be reserved at a time.
  4. In case of intensive use of the tennis court, a maximum of 1 reservation per villa per day can be made.
  5. Please leave the court after your playing time. If you want to continue playing afterwards, you have to reserve this again on the board.
  6. If the court is not played, even though persons have reserved, one can start playing until those who have reserved arrive. At that time, players who have not made a reservation must leave the tennis court immediately.
  7. Please only enter the court with tennis shoes (without heels, coarse profile or protruding profile).
  8. In cases not provided for by the tennis regulations, the manager decides. The instructions of the manager must be followed immediately.